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Discover the new advertising campaign the ARMIN STROM
17/03/13, 18:21
While ARMIN STROM prepared at Baselworld present their latest caliber, says the brand, while introducing a new international advertising campaign - in several stages.
The aim of the campaign is to present the production of knowledge in an original way and in a fresh, appealing tonality to open the door to true watch connoisseurs of world ARMIN STROM.
Therefore refers the headline of the ad on the horological skills of the factory and their uncompromising vision of Haute Horlogerie. Two factors that are found in the heart of each ARMIN STROM clock. The background is white and the display shows a delicate presentation of the technical elements of the timepiece. In the center of the display allows for the inclusion of the clock the viewer to admire the beauty of a three-dimensional effect of the mechanical caliber, which is shown in the lower part of the page again.
Discover the spring of 2013 - - With this new campaign would ARMIN STROM share his passion to create exceptional timepieces. This is an audience that seeks a single thing: the horological perfection.

Discover the new advertising campaign the ARMIN STROM


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