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Discover Prabal Gurung's Inspiration for his Debut Footwear Collection
25/03/15, 11:24

Discover Prabal Gurung's Inspiration for his Debut Footwear Collection

Joel Palix

After years of collaboration with top footwear designers from Cesare Casadei to Manolo Blahnick, fashion designer Prabal Gurung just launched his debut 2015 designer shoe collection.

Discover whom he asked for advice before he expanded his line into footwear and how he was able to create a luxury brand extension at a smart price point. Learn what shapes his perception about fashion, what inspires his designs, and why he is so involved in creating his own social media.

Gurung will share his perspective in an interview with FN Fashion Director Mosha Lundström Halbert at the dinner gala celebrating FN's 70th anniversary.

Halbert also will lead a roundtable on emerging design talent with:
          • Nicolò Beretta, Giannico
          • Matthew Chevallard, Del Torro
          • Chloe Gosselin, Chloe Gosselin
          • Daniele Michetti, Daniele Michetti

They will discuss the ins and outs of building a distinctive footwear brand in today's hotly competitive market, drawing on their singular experiences.

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