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Claridge's Announces the Debut of Fera
26/05/14, 21:03
Claridge's Announces the Debut of Fera Claridge’s, London’s Art Deco jewel in the center of Mayfair, has unveiled its new signature restaurant Fera, by Michelin- starred Chef Simon Rogan. The name Fera, which means ‘wild’ in Latin, reflects both the primal influence of nature and the highly seasonal ingredients used in Rogan’s cooking. Regarded as one of the United Kingdom’s most exciting and creative chefs, his use of indigenous produce, sourced from his own farm, is a defining factor for the new restaurant.

Designed by the celebrated Art Deco interior designer Guy Oliver, Fera at Claridge’s reflects contemporary glamour, blending the historic backdrop with modern overlays, to create a chic, natural and inviting space that compliments the sophisticated cuisine. Further engaging diners, the restaurant features an open kitchen, which encourages guests to go in, observe the cooking and interact with the chefs. With Simon Rogan at the helm and Claridge’s unwavering commitment to exceptional service, Fera is the ideal collaboration between like-minded partners with the ultimate goal of creating something that is truly special.

by  #Meg Connolly
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