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02/04/15, 14:34

Presentation of the Paris-Salzburg collection, New York

Photos by Anne Combaz


April 1st, 2015



The Paris-Salzburg evening concluded with Pharrell Williams' private concert. He was joined on stage by Cara Delevingne, face of the Paris-Salzburg campaign, to perform together "CC the World".

Photo by Anne Combaz


THE SHOWPresentation of the Paris-Salzburg collection, New York

Photo by Olivier Saillant


THE SALZBURG SPIRITThe Paris-Salzburg collection has brought Austria to New York.
Within the immense hall of the Park Avenue Armory, the staging created for the occasion reinterprets the gold, marble and woodwork of Schloss Leopoldskron to create a modern version of it.
Guests are welcomed within five successive monochromatic salons to discover the collection inspired by the traditional Austrian wardrobe and savoir-faire.

Photos by Olivier Saillant

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