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Bentley to open first-ever dealership in Belarusian capital
10/05/13, 15:40
Bentley will expand its presence in the fast-growing Eastern Europe region later this year, with the opening of its first-ever dealership in Belarus.
Located in the heart of the capital, Bentley Minsk will open in Summer 2013, and will offer sales and aftersales services to customers of the luxury British brand.
Bentley Minsk will present the full range of exclusive Bentley cars – from the powerful and elegant Continental GT and GT Convertible V8 and W12 models, to the refined and dynamic Flying Spur and the Mulsanne luxury flagship.In keeping with the Bentley tradition, each model offers an unrivalled blend of effortless performance, peerless refinement, and hand-crafted contemporary luxury.
Further details about the new Bentley showroom will be communicated in due course.

by Bentley
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