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Announcing The Shoes of Prey "Design Your Own Shoes" Studio at Nordstrom
17/11/14, 20:16

Shoes of Prey is announcing their exclusive partnership with leading fashion specialty retailer Nordstrom to house their design your own shoes studio concept in six major locations across the country.  The first Shoes of Prey Design Studio at Nordstrom will open on November 17th at the retailer's Bellevue Square location in Bellevue, WA (which will be the brand's first US offline presence), and is set to complete the remaining concept studios by Q1 of 2015.

Shoes of Prey is a global, multi-channel retail brand that enables shoppers to design their own shoes, and is currently a multi-million dollar business.  The company has been successful at identifying the demands for customization, but also believes that this current trend represents an underlying movement of behavior for customers demanding more from their shopping experiences.

In partnering with Nordstrom, Shoes of Prey has an opportunity to tap into the retailer's legendary customer service and expand on giving their customers exactly what they want, when they want it.  For shoppers whose size isn't in stock or the the styles of the season don't suit their personal taste, the design your own shoes concept solves this problem and encourages women to curate a collection of shoes to suit all aspects of their life 

The setting of the Shoes of Prey Design Studio aims to bring many of the fun and various components that are featured on shoesofprey.com into the actual hands of the customer, and to empower women to design their perfect shoe so they need look no further. 

Nestled against the back wall of the Nordstrom shoe floor, customers will have a comfortable space to relax and let their creative juices flow. The space will be easily identified with a towering flower sculpture (constructed out of shoes) blooming from a large central round table, and a lavishly decorated shoe-wall exhibiting some of the diverse styles and options available to the customer (over 70 trillion combinations are possible).  The environment is set to excite and inspire ladies on the hunt for their perfect shoe to start designing.

Within the table are multiple iPads featuring the brand's 3-D designer, and within reach are boxes containing swatches of 170-plus materials for customers to play with and get a feel for how the different combinations and textures work together.  Expert "shoe stylists" are available to guide each shoe-lover through the process so that they can create the exact combination that reflects their personal style and fashion needs.  Once finalized and purchased, the designs are all hand-made and sent directly to the customer's home in less than four weeks.

Future locations for the Shoes of Prey Design Studio at Nordstrom include: Bellevue (WA), Paramus (NJ), Pentagon City (VA), Oakbrook (IL), Fashion Island (CA) and San Francisco Center (CA).

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