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31/05/14, 16:11
Matisse Live at a cinema near youFor the first time ever, we are broadcasting live into cinemas around the country with an exclusive film about the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibition at Tate Modern on Tuesday 3 June, 7.15pm. To find your local screening, visit here.

At this one-off event, you are invited to enjoy an intimate, behind-the-scenes view of this blockbuster exhibition with presenter Francine Stock and Tate Director Nick Serota, plus breath-taking new performances by Royal Ballet principal dancer Zenaida Yanowsky and jazz musician Courtney Pine.

British actor Simon Russell Beale brings insight and emotion to the words of Henri Matisse himself; whilst actor Rupert Young provides the film’s narration. This will be complemented by interviews with art experts, friends of the artist, and rare archive footage of Matisse at work.

Whether you’ve already visited our Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern or would like to learn more about the artist, Matisse Live is the perfect opportunity to discover his final artistic triumph in fabulous HD detail on the big screen.

We hope you'll join us on 3 June to watch Matisse Live in your local cinema.

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