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London Fashion Week e o poder dos acessórios
01/02/11, 10:03


Design signatures: "Lara Bohinc is a mix of contradictions: geometric yet feminine, bold yet light, modern yet timeless."

Trademark piece:
"The Lunar eclipse necklace."

Three AW11 inspirations: "Planets, spheres and space dust."

What's next for your brand?
"We are launching scarves this coming season."



Career highlight: "In 2010, PAPERSELF launched the world's first and only eyelashes made from cut-paper, surprising the fashion and beauty industry. The brand won the Norman Copenhagen Best Product Award in the same year."

Trademark piece:
"Exquisite eyelashes designed from cut paper."

What's next for your brand?
"Challenging the possibilities of paper. It will be a new paper revolution!"



Design signatures: "Clean and classic."

Trademark piece:
"The N°20 Luxe 4 Sided Leather Bag."

What's next for your brand?
"A brand new online store."



Design background: Designers Leona Erziak and Hasna Erziak studied in Brussels and at Arasapel Design School in Milan.

How would you describe the Lena Erziak woman?
"She knows who she is and enjoys life.  She is a free thinker who wants the best that life has to offer."

Trademark piece:
"The Valentino.  We're offering it in calf skin and ostrich this season."

Three AW11 inspirations: "Inuits; the North Pole; the glamour of the Renaissance."



ATELIER SWAROVSKI presents cutting-edge accessories celebrating innovative design from the world of fashion, jewellery and architecture.

The ninth collection for autumn/winter 2011 features new collaborations with Arik Levy, Cate Adair, Lesely Vik Waddell and Rodrigo Otazu.



Design signatures: "Unconventional jewellery materials such as leather, hand-printed suede, silk rope and metal."

What is your brand philosophy?
"Creating original, timeless statement pieces that are more than just jewellery."

Trademark piece:
"Manipulation of circular cut suede into dramatic shapes."

Three AW11 inspirations: "Tribal jewellery, Beetlejuice and the beautiful island of Sicily."



Design signatures: "Timeless modernity."

How would you describe the Heidi woman?
"Fun-loving, sun-loving, inspirational and international."

Trademark piece:
"The Disco Ball frame."

Three AW11 inspirations: "Ice, sun and people."


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