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Kate Spade: Brick and Mortar Goes Digital by @katespade
01/06/14, 20:25
"Our stores are great expressions of the brand, but we are looking to bring content to life."— Mary Beech, SVP & CMO, Kate Spade & Company WWD 04/29/14
Kate Spade: Brick and Mortar Goes Digital by @katespade

Just because brick-and-mortar stores are offline, doesn't mean they can't incorporate some digital magic.

This spring, Kate Spade began integrating a digital display system into its retail stores. Using an optical sensor, the technology creates an interactive shopping experience—every time a customer moves or touches product, the system animates to reveal branded content.

Always pushing the boundaries of retail innovation, Kate Spade recently launched pop-up storefronts for its sister brand Kate Spade Saturday. Using an over-sized touchscreen, customers could order products on the street, just as they would online.

At the 2014 Digital Forum: London, Mary Beech, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, will reveal how Kate Spade continues to blur the lines between online and offline shopping.

by #Fairchild Internet Inc.

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