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Here is the Taste menu for this edition!
12/03/13, 18:03
This edition of TASTE will feature about 283 firms (an increase with respect to the 263 at the last edition), selected among niche producers of excellence from nearly all the regions in Italy. They will present their products and latest creations in the Stazione Leopolda

_ Taste Tour an itinerary that will allow you to sample the products presented by the 283 exhibitors selected, to become acquainted with – and learn more about – Italy’s gastronomic riches. An itinerary packed with discoveries, traditions and new ideas: from cherries in Barolo wine, to beer with mixed flower and acacia honey, from hand-made pasta made by some of the most important Italian pasta factories to vegetable carpionata, from cream of Parmigiano Reggiano, shallots and Balsamic Vinegar, to liver paté and cod eggs, from green walnuts in oil, to chestnuts in syrup, pink apple and saffron preserve … and much more!
_ Taste Tools, is the area dedicated to designer food and kitchen items, tools for chefs and for those who love to cook – from cookware to professional cookware.
_ Taste Shop is the "department store” for exclusive foods – with over 1,500 items in the catalogue and sales exceeding 21,000 pieces last season. This is where to buy what you see and taste around the fair;
_ Taste Ring, is the cultural-gastronomic arena orchestrated by Gastronaut Davide Paolini. In this area devoted to debates and ideas, the leading players on the food stage challenge each other on the most interesting topics related to contemporary eating, from foods to flavors, interpreting what is happening today and anticipating the trends of tomorrow. TASTE RING also features a full program with the spotlights on the protagonists of this rich world of tastes – exhibitions, book presentations, cooking competitions – organized by Pitti Immagine and the exhibitors.

Here is the Taste menu for this edition!
by Pitti Immagine
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